• Ashitox protects Poultry & Livestock from variety of mycotoxin poisoning
  • Ashitox prevents growth of moulds & release of mycotoxins in the feed



  • Aluminum Silicate present in the product binds to mycotoxins present in feeout causing any harm
  • MOS i.e. Mannanoligosaccharide maintains the integrity of the mucouion of colony by pathogens
  • Organic acids passively diffuse in to the mould cells & lower th of mould
  • This helps to improve the broiler performance & FCR significantly
  • Easy to handle since it is non-corrosive to equipment
  • Easy to mix with feed due to it’ven distribution



Mixing Rate:
500 g to 1 kg per ton of Feed or as directed by veterinarian



1 kg, 5 kg & 25 kg


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